About the Squad

The East Brunswick Rescue Squad is a volunteer Emergency Service dedicated to assisting the residents of East Brunswick, and surrounding towns, in their time of need. Last year we responded to more than 4,000 calls for our assistance. Keeping this in mind you can understand why we are always looking to increase our membership. If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the application portion of the site or write to us via e-mail and someone will be in touch. The Rescue Squad provides all training; all we ask of you is your time.

We currently have 88 members and operate four (4) ambulances from our facility located at the corners of Cranbury and Summerhill Roads. Feel free to stop in and visit if you are in the area. Any of our members would be glad to give you a tour of the building and answer any questions you might have. The minimum age requirement for our members is 16.

In addition to responding to emergency calls, the Rescue Squad is involved in various other services, which benefits our Community. Some examples are the attendance at various sporting events throughout the Township, participation in Community events and celebrations and sponsoring first aid training.

2007 Line Officers

Captain : Fred Beisser (600)
Assistant Captain : Lisa Grande (650)
First Lieutenant : Scott Pasichow (651)
Second Lieutenant : Irit Maoz (652)
Second Lieutenant : Matt Redding(653)
Chief Driver: Dave Willenbrock (670)

2007 Administrative Officers

President : Mary Kerslake
Vice President : Thomas Paccione
Treasurer : Marc Rogol
Corresponding Secretary : Karen Deignan
Recording Secretary : Jacqueline Shagam

2007 Trustees

5-Year (Chief) Trustee : Steve Zeidwerg
4-Year Trustee : Gabriella Pall
3-Year (Insurance) Trustee : Thomas Paccione
2-Year (Outside) Trustee : Mary Kerslake
1-Year (Inside) Trustee : Lynn LutwinRadio Frequncies

East Brunswick Township uses a Motorola Type II UHF trunked radio system consisting of five repeater pairs in the 500MHz area. This system is used by all township services plus all South River Borough services.

We are dispatched on the frequency of 150.950 Mhz at DCS 703.

There are, as already noted, 6 different frequencies that must be monitored in order to hear our transmissions. Those frequencies are:

500.3125, 500.4375, 500.5875, 500.8375, 502.4875, 502.6625

Note that if you have an old-style scanner, you will pick up every township service on the various frequencies .. PD, Rescue Squad, the Fire Companies, Public Works, Engineering, etc. If you have a scanner that is capable of following Trunked-style radio transmissions, you can use the following Talkgroup identifiers to lock in the Rescue Squad:

06576 for EMS Operations

06800 for EMS Alternate (talk around)

Unit Numbers

Here is a numerical list of all our unit numbers, from ambulances to officers:

600 -- Captain
601 -- Ambulance d
602 -- Ambulance
603 -- Ambulance
604 -- Ambulance
621 -- Portable, usually used for responding crews on the weekends
622 -- Portable, usually used for responding crews on the weekends
623 -- Portable, usually used for responding crews on the weekends
624 -- Portable, usually used for responding crews on the weekends
625 -- Portable, usually used for responding crews on the weekends
650 -- Assistant Captain
651 -- First Lieutenant
652 -- Second Lieutenant
653 -- Second Lieutenant
670 -- Chief Driver
671 -- Assistant Chief Driver
672 -- Assistant Chief Driver

Note that in the Township of East Brunswick, unit numbers in the 300 range are PD, the 700 range belongs to the Old Bridge Volunteer FD (EB District 1), the 800 range to the East Brunswick Independant Fire Company (District 2, the largest), and the 900 range to the Brookview Volunteer Fire Company (District 3).

The East Brunswick Rescue Squad is 100 percent volunteer and relies solely on the generosity of township residents. We do NOT collect taxes, but exist entirely on donations and the return we get from our annual fund drive.

As we are a 501(c) organization, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

We thank you in advance for your donation.